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Arts & Humanities
Activity Venue Time
Through a Glass Darkly:
The relationship between science and
storytelling in literature and film 
Minerva Building  3pm, 7pm
Siren FM:
live broadcasts throughout LiGHTS
Brayford Campus 10am – 8pm
The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful:
multi-sensory exhibition
Art, Architecture
& Design
10am – 8pm
The Ada Lovelace Exhibition:
the first computer programmer
Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
The HAM stand:
postgraduates from the
Historic and Ancient Materials Group
Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
The Black Death in your Garden:
reconstructing history with
archaeological excavation
Art, Architecture
& Design East
10am – 8pm
Camera Shy?
A Century of seeing ourselves on screen:
moving images from the MACE collection
Media, Humanities
& Technology Building
Skeletons in the cupboard Joseph Banks Laboratories
10am – 8pm
Suffragette: film screening and talk Minerva Building 4pm
Conservation in action St Mary le Wigford Church noon – 5pm
What are the links between
Climate Change, UK extreme weather
and flooding?
Minerva Building 11am, 4pm
Singing Glass:
a demonstration of the Glass Armonica
David Chiddick Building 1pm, 4pm
3D Scanning and Digital Fabrication in Conservation Art, Architecture & Design 10am – 8pm
CSI Seal: Fingerprints from the past Art, Architecture & Design, East 11am, 2pm,4pm
co_LAB Future Cities Maker Lab:
exploring city spaces of the future
Media, Humanities &
Technology Building
12 noon, 3pm, 6pm
When Lincoln was at the forefront of
Radical Mental Health Practice
Sarah Swift Building 11am, 3pm
The 21st Century Short Story Minerva Building 12 noon
Why are opinion polls getting the
wrong answers? 
David Chiddick Building 2pm, 5pm
How I hacked my way into space LPAC 12pm, 5.45pm
Conservation Laboratories Tour Art, Architecture & Design East 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
Apollo 11 Den LPAC 2pm, 4.30pm, 7.30pm
Photography exhibition Stephen Langton Foyer 10am – 8pm
Health & Wellbeing
Activity Venue Time
Illicit drug use, online popular wisdom
and the erosion of expert authority 
Minerva Building 10am, 2pm
Why and how to get a good night’s sleep Minerva Building 11am, 3pm
Watch your step!
Is it ok to text while you walk
Minerva Building 10am – 8pm
Eating too much?
Understanding calorie content
Minerva Building 10am – 8pm
Myths and science of sleep Minerva Building 12 noon, 2pm
Your University needs you! Sarah Swift Building 10am – 8pm
The highs and lows of diabetes Minerva Building 12 noon, 4pm
Ethical issues in self-funded Social Care Sarah Swift Building 12 noon, 4pm
Proton Therapy:
a positive beam for cancer patients
Minerva Building 1pm, 5pm
Innovations in Ambulance Care Sarah Swift Building 10am, 2pm
The Happiness Lab:
Improving wellbeing
Sarah Swift Building 4pm, 5 – 8pm
Life Sciences
Activity Venue Time
Understanding evolution  Art, Architecture & Design
Sarah Swift Building
2pm, 6pm
Bother with bacteria:
experimental workshop
Science Building 10am, 11.30am
1pm, 2.30pm
Biofeedback technology
improving sport performance
Human Performance Centre 10am – 8pm
Seeing the world through
your dog’s eyes
Joseph Banks Laboratories 10am, 11am, 2pm
Bat talk and walk Lincoln Castle  5.15pm
How would you behave with wildlife? Sarah Swift Building 10am, 1pm, 2pm
Don’t believe your eyes!
Visual perception and illusion
Engine Shed 10am – 8pm
DNA: Building blocks of food Science Building 10am, 11am, noon, 2pm
The Charter for woods, trees and people  Engine Shed 10am – 8pm
Robots & Engineering
Activity Venue Time
SPARK! Engineering displays Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
Pepper the robot plays noughts and crosses  Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
Meet MARC the robot Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
Useful autonomous robots Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
Engineering tours Isaac Newton Building 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
Seeing humans through robots’ eyes Isaac Newton Building 11am
Virtual blacksmith forge:
3D printing and virtual reality
Isaac Newton Building 10am – 8pm
About face: exploring facial recognition Sarah Swift Building 2pm, 6pm
Is that my hand I see before me?
Understanding perception of movement
Sarah Swift Building 10am – 8pm
Activity Venue Time
Word on the street:
Soapbox Science 
Outside University Library 11am
Laboratory tours Science Building 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 6.30pm
EU corner:
University of Lincoln and research across Europe
Minerva Building 10am – 8pm
Making new substances Science Building 11am, 1.30pm
Science Learning Partnership Minerva Building 10am – 8pm


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